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In need of some Myoko backcountry fresh? Or simply need a Myoko ski guide to show you the best in-bounds stashes? How about checking out the new Madarao backcountry trip options? You’ve come to the right place!

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Myoko Kogen Back country ski tours
Want to hike the Myoko backcountry or Madarao backcountry on a guided tour?

Myoko Backcountry Ski: Overview

The Myoko Mountain range lies close to the Japan Sea and includes several high summits, including Myoko, Mitahara, Akakura, Kurohime, Mae and Maru. This proximity to the ocean draws in heavy snows – an arguably weak point that is however more than made up for in the sheer volume that falls. It’s not uncommon to witness a metre of fresh fall in one night, so those heading off-course are encouraged to pay close attention to the weather and avalanche signs. The upper hills run along the top of the forest line and feature a wide variety of trees and terrain, with a slope that allows for comfortable speeds. Most visitors to the Madarao and Myoko backcountry tours tend to explore the deep powder fields by first heading up the lift line.

Myoko Backcountry Ski: Video

Myoko Backcountry Ski: Tours

Destination Myoko Kogen is pleased to be able to help offer group and private backcountry tours in both Myoko and Madarao. These are run by locally owned and operated operations with experienced Myoko backcountry guides.

Myoko Backcountry Tours run 8:30 ~ 12:00 but may vary due to lift operation circumstances. The price does not include lift ticket, lunch or insurance. Please ensure your travel insurance will cover any circumstances that may occur during your tour.

Myoko backcountry tours available


On Piste Tour

An ideal plan for beginner to intermediate riders who want to stay on-piste. We will help you navigate through the intertwining slopes safely, and of course while having fun.
Prices starting at ¥8,000/person

Powder Cruising

The best way to take advantage of the fresh powder snow is to explore the secret powder runs and lift-accessible side-country that only the locals know. Resort selection will be based on the weather, providing you an unforgettable experience.
Price Starting at ¥12,000/person

Myoko Private Ski Tours

For those who wish to enjoy the day with only the camaraderie of friends or family, or for those who want to ski and snowboard at your own pace. Luxurious and self-indulging, take advantage of having your very own guide to spend a memorable ski holiday.
Price Starting at ¥32,000/2 people

“Okawari” Plan (Extension)

If the morning session just wasn’t enough, we are offering afternoon extensions (13:00 – 15:00) for those who want more. Please let your guide know any time before lunch.
Price ¥3,000/person

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Madarao Kogen Back Country tours

Enjoy fun off-piste and backcountry ski tours in Madarao Kogen!

Madarao Kogen Backcountry tours are aimed toward enjoying the natural landscape of Mt. Madarao through skiing and snowboarding. There are several paths leading up the mountain and hiking up to the top takes around 20 minutes – perfect for beginners. From the top of the ski lift skiers hike to the very top of Mount Madarao. From there you’ll experience a fun back country ride with a tree course and natural half pipe as well as an encounter with ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Big Rock’!

Easy hike access, steep entry zones, consistently deep mid-season snow packs, wonderful continuous pitch through evenly spaced trees for upwards of 700 vertical meters and smile-inducing magical scenery create a special off-trail riding environment that every Madarao backcountry snow slider will appreciate.

Your experienced local Madarao ski guide determines the best course of the day by checking out the snow conditions every morning. Madarao Mountain has plenty of north face and guests can expect a high quality of powder snow almost every day. However please understand there can be sudden course changes or suspension due to inclement weather.

Price (per person)

The half-day (3 hours) tour cost is 8,000 yen
The day tour (6 hours) tour cost is 13,000 yen

Both tours include beacon rental but you need to bring your own lunch and snacks. Minimum age is 16 + and at least two people in a group needed. Snowshoe rental is an extra 1,000 yen per person.

Private Madarao backcountry tours are also available – fully customisable to suit your riding ability and physical fitness.

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Japan Back Country Skiing in Madarao Kogen
Madarao backcountry tours – preparation and instruction

Other local Myoko backcountry ski tours and guidesmyoko snowboard tours

Deep Powder Snowboard tours will provide local snowboard guiding (and ski) depending on your skill level. These tours are not a backcountry tour, but an inbounds guided powder tour. Tour staff are local, well known and qualified snowboard instructors. Book here

  • 1-2 guest(s): ¥20,000 (¥10,000 each)
  • 3 guests: ¥25,000 (¥8,333 each)
  • 4 guests: ¥30,000 (¥7,500 each)
  • 5 guests: ¥35,000 (¥7,000 each)

SARC Telemarkers – Seki Onsen Back Country

If you have good Japanese you can also contact Kuga Hiromichi at SARC Telemarkers in Seki Onsen. One of their Japan Myoko backcountry ski trips is featured in the video below, or see here for a report and photos (in Japanese)
Telephone:+ 81 (0)80-1968-1829
Address: Seki Onsen Ski Area, Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken 949-2235

Other local providers of Myoko backcountry and telemark tours include In Field (インフィールド) and Myoko Backcountry Ski School (妙高バックカントリー・スキースクール).

Mount Hiuchi – Myoko backcountry webcam

See here for the most recent photo

Myoko back country journals and photo galleries

For a sample of some Myoko backcountry skiiing around Mount Takatsuma (in between Hakuba and Myoko) check out this Japan back country page.

Seki Onsen photo journal – some back country shots in and around Seki Onsen with another smaller photo gallery here.

Back country tour from Otari Onsen (near Hakuba) to Myoko Suginohara

Madarao photo journalback country ski touring around Madarao in Iiyama with Nagano Outdoor Sports.

Myoko Kogen avalanche

Don’t think there’s avalanches in Myoko? Think again, and be careful up there.

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Myoko Cross-country courses, Nordic, Telemark

Area: Myoko Pine Valley Ski Area Cross Country Course
Telephone: 0255 82 4111
Location: 19km from Myoko Kogen IC (Joshinetsu Expressway) – See Access Mapjapan ski travel insurance, 妙高バックカントリー
Season: Mid December – Late March
Opening times: 9:00am-4:00pm
Course length: 1km
Cost: None
Guided tour or school: Available
Comments: Suitable for x-country beginners

Area: Ikenotaira Shirakaba Cross Country Ski Course
Telephone: 0255 86 2871
Location: 2.5km from Myoko Kogen IC (Joshinetsu Expressway) – See Access Map
Opening times: Varies
Season: Mid December-Mid March
Opening times: Varies
Courses available: 3km & 5km courses
Cost: None
Guided tour or school: Unknown
Comments: Popular course with a number of events held here.

Area: Togakushi X-Country Ski Area
Telephone: 026 254 2888
Location: 30km from Nagano IC (Joshinetsu Expressway) See Access Map
Season: Early December – Mid April
Opening times: 8:00am-5:00pm
Courses available: A variety of routes and lengths. Some are in the lower forest near Okusha Iriguchi bus stop. Cedar grove lines trail up the hill to the Okusha temple.
Cost: None
Guided tour or school: Available
Comments: Watch out for the wildlife!

Areas: Kurohime Kogen Ski Area & Douwanomori Snow Wave
Telephone: 026 255 6720
Location: 4km from Shinano-machi IC (Joshinetsu Expressway) See Access Map
Season: Mid December – Late March
Opening times: 9:30am-4:00pm
Courses available: 3km (beginner), 5km (intermediate, advanced)
Cost: 300 yen
Guided tour or school: Available
Comments: Tours available.