Shopping in Madarao and Iiyama

Local Products: There are a number of unique products available. Iiyama’s Buddhist altars are famous for their craftsmanship and for the amount produced in one city plus the art of making Japanese washi (paper), Uchiyama tesuki washi, has a local history of over 400 years. See here for more details.

Tomikura Soba (Tomikura Buckwheat Noodles): The secret to the local Tomikura soba is usage of wild burdock leaves, giving it a unique firmness plus a rich, dark flavor and color. Adventurous visitors MIGHT be able to find the soba restaurants which are unmarked with no signs or advertisements – local establishments are usually well-known among soba fanatics. But you’ll likely need to make a reservation because the noodles are handmade each day and they boil them as they are ordered. Check out some pictures here.

Local Produce: For just a fraction of the price you would pay in Tokyo or Osaka, the local area has numerous roadside stalls and farmers’ markets where you can buy great local produce. The tomatoes and peaches are renowned and the region grows blueberries, apples, pears, corn, edamame (green soybeans) and dozens of other fruits and vegetables. You will also discover all sorts of local specialities such as Scotch thistle preserve, walnut jam and aloe vera honey.