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Madarao Onsen to Visit

Madarao Onsen
Looking to enjoy an after ski soak at one of the many fine Madarao Onsen (hot springs)? Check our comprehensive Madarao Onsen guide below for all the Madarao onsen information you need!

Onsen in Madarao Kogen

Madarao Kogen Hotel

Opened in 1998, the Madarao Kogen Onsen hot springs in the Madarao Kogen Hotel draw natural hot spring water from 600 meters underground with Madarao onsen water boasting many unique qualities.

The hot spring water warms your body through, and the reddish chloride water smoothes your skin. The sodium-calcium chloride spring is also good for muscle aches, cold constitution, and tiredness. It will make you relaxed and comfortable, especially if you are extremely exhausted or cold after a full day on the slopes.

Madarao Sympathique Hotel

The Madarao onsen hot springs in the Madarao Sympathique Hotel offer a magnificent view of the famous 'sea of ​​clouds',  mountain ranges and Chikuma River. Guests can also take in an early sunrise view or a shining sunset on the mountains at dusk.

Madarao Silk Inn

Guests at Madarao Silk Inn Hotel can unwind at the public onsen or reserve an outdoor hot spring bath in their famous 'cave onsen' at an additional cost. The inside public bath is open for 24 hours whilst the outdoor Madarao Onsen hot spring bath is open 6 am - midnight (excluding cleaning time).

Active Life Madarao

After a day on the slopes guests at Active Life Madarao and their associated accommodation can relax in the newly renovated indoor/outdoor hot water baths. As the baths are gender-mixed you need to bring swimsuits and join with your friends.

Madarao Tangram Hotel

The Tangram Hotel offers ultimate Madarao Onsen relaxation with both a large inside and outside natural hot spring. The soothing waters are good for neuralgia and muscle pain. There's also a sauna and heated indoor swimming pool amongst other facilities.


Hotel Harvest Tangram

The Hotel Harvest Tangram offers various facilities where visitors can refresh their body, soul and mind. The onsen features an utaseyu (bath with a hot spring cascade) whilst the rotemburo (outside bath) enjoys magnificent views. A sauna room is also available.


Hotel Monaile Madarao

Hotel Monaile Madarao has an indoor natural hot spring Madarao onsen bath filled with high alkaline water containing an abundance of minerals. The onsen is perfect for relaxing and healing tired muscles after a long day of skiing. There is also a sauna.


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madarao onsen

madarao onsen

madarao onsen

madarao onsen

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Beyond Madarao Onsen

There are several fine public onsen in the near vicinity, although many of these require the use of a car. These include:

At Madarao No Yu visitors can enjoy a relaxing mountain onsen located more than 1000 metres above sea level. This facility is only a five minute drive below Madarao Kogen Ski Area. There are both inside and outside baths available. Opening hours are 10 am - 8 pm. See website.

madarao onsen no yu

Yutaki Onsen is a simple alkalescent hot spring located on the banks of the Chikuma River - on Route 117 below Nozawa Onsen. This family-run establishment could quite possibly be the best bargain in the area. For only three hundred yen you get your choice of the indoor bath or magnificent rotemburo (outside onsen). The change of each season is uniquely distinct and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal. Opening hours are 10 am - 9 pm (last entrance 8:30 pm). See website.

madarao yutaki onsen

Hokuryu Onsen in Iiyama City is famous as the site of the historical Kosuge Inner Shrine and also home to a forest therapy road. In the midst of this abundant natural landscape, the Bunka Hokuryukan hotel sits on the banks of the area's heart-shaped Lake Hokuryu. From the outdoor hot spring (rotemburo), guests can look out over Northern Nagano's spectacular five peaks of the Hokushin region and the Sekita mountain range plus enjoy views of the Chikuma River from above. The facility maintains separate bathing times for men and women. Opening hours are 11 am - 5 pm. See website.

Bunka Hokuryukan

Togari Onsen has two well known rotenburo (outside pools). Just a minute away from the Togari Onsen Ski Resort's Orion slopes, Nozomi No Yu includes outdoor hot spring baths with a view of the gorgeous natural landscape. Akatsuki No Yu is located a short walk from the Pegasus slopes at Togari. Both of the outdoor baths are a great place to relax and enjoy views of the natural landscape. The water is said to promote beautiful skin, as well as easing muscle soreness, body aches, and stress-induced tension. During the winter, they are especially good for some post-skiing relaxation. Opening hours are 11 am - 9 pm. See website.

togari onsen

Take a journey to the tiny hot springs of Maguse Onsen, perched high on the cliffs across the valley from Madarao in Kijimidaira Village. Ride up the winding roads that lead to this scenic location, then enjoy a relaxing, healing soak in one of the town’s onsen, or hot springs. At an altitude of 700 metres, you won't find many hot spring baths in Japan so far above sea level, and few will offer the breathtaking scenery to be had at Maguse Onsen. It's lofty location provides such an expansive view that people come from far and wide to soak in the bath while taking in the view. The indoor bath is made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) which lends a simple, natural contrast to the outdoor one which is made of cut stone. Makes an ideal after-ski expedition – great for soaking away any sore muscles. Be sure to bring your own towel!

madarao maguse onsen

Toyoda-mura Onsen Koen Momiji-so (phone 0269-38-3030) is situated between Kijimadaira and Madarao. It's open 10:00 - 20:00 (closed madarao onsenWednesdays). Adults are ¥500 and children ¥350.

Local town onsen scattered around the area are also available and quite inexpensive but usually consist of only one smallish bath. You will also need to bring your own toiletries and towel. Look for the this symbol (right) on maps and signs when seeking onsen.

Check this onsen page for further details.