2019-20 Madarao Season Pass | Early Purchase

Madarao Season Pass

2019-20 Madarao season pass | Early Purchase

The 2019-20 Madarao season pass sale is now on!

Check the original post (2019-20 シーズンパス販売開始) in Japanese here

Check regular Madarao lift pass details here

2019-20 Madarao season pass
2019-20 Madarao season pass now on sale

Get a great deal on your 2019-20 Madarao season lift pass with early purchase.

2019-20 Madarao season pass: Prices

Super Early Bird Season Pass – Available until the end of October

  • Adult: 28,000 yen
  • Seniors & Teenagers: 28,000 yen
  • Children (6-11 years old): 10,000 yen

Additional ‘Powder Plus’ Option (Common Ticket)
You can also add access to the Tangram Ski Circus resort lifts on your season pass

  • Adult: Additional 8,000 yen
  • Senior / Teenagers: Additional 8,000 yen
  • Children (6-11 years old): Additional 5,000 yen

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Other earlybird purchase options:

Early Bird Season Pass – Purchase before the end of November

  • Adult: 38,000 yen
  • Seniors & Teenagers: 33,000 yen
  • Children (6-11 years old): 10,000 yen

Regular purchase of Season Pass

  • Adult: 48,000 yen
  • Seniors & Teenagers: 33,000 yen
  • Children (6-11 years old): 20,000 yen

2019-20 Madarao season pass: How to apply

Purchase can be made by registered mail or online purchase (credit card)

1. In the case of registered mail
Please attach “Photograph 2” “Purchase price” to the “Application form” you filled in and mail it to the following address by registered mail.
For the senior high school student season pass, a copy of what you can check for age is required.
In the case of the second season pass, a copy of the one proving the season pass purchase of the other ski resort is necessary.
〒 389 – 2257 Iiyama-shi, Nagano Prefecture Madarao Highlands Madarao Highland Ski Resort “Lift Ticket Office”
* Please prepare the photo for the certificate (4 cm long x 3 cm wide) to see the face.
Be sure to write “Name” on the back of the photo.
※ “Receipt” will be shipped after reception. International shipping is not available.
The resort will schedule delivery of this ticket in late November.

2. In case of online application (credit settlement)
Please select required type and number of sheets from EC site
Please enter necessary information such as name from ‘Year path information setting’
Face picture selected from file or camera shooting ) Since it is possible
to receive an e-mail with a QR code after completion of settlement, please present it at the information center in exchange.

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2019-20 Madarao season pass: Terms and Conditions

  • This ticket (season pass) is a secure pass with your name and photo;
  • You can board a lift directly with this ticket without exchanging with the same day ticket on the day of use.
  • Please present the season pass to the lift staff in advance. There is a case where the resort may check your identity at Super Quad Lift. If you have instructions from staff, please remove your goggles and show your face;
  • This ticket can not be used by anyone other than the registrant. Moreover, the resort can not do a name change after ticket issuance;
  • After shipping or exchange of actual tickets, the resort can not refund due to customer’s convenience. If you have lost your season pass, please let the resort know immediately. They will stop issuing number and will correspond later;
  • Please note that refunds will not be made even if a lift cancellation or the like occurs on the day of use;
  • Season end date may be earlier due to snowfall amount / natural disaster etc. Please note.

Please note that we (Destination Madarao Kogen) are not the sellers and/or issuers of the 2019-20 Madarao Season Passes. Neither can we assist non-clients to obtain a 2019-20 Madarao Season Pass. If you are unsure how to purchase these please contact the resort directly, or ask your accommodation.

2019-20 Madarao season pass: Purchase privileges

  • 500 yen discount on 1 day ticket for accompanying friends to Madarao (up to 5 people – applied only to adults, senior teenagers & children’s 1 day ticket. Cannot be used with other discounts and/or cash vouchers);
  • Onsen use (during winter season only) at Monaile Madarao. Please inquire to Madarao Kogen Hotel (Tel: 0269-64 – 3311) for available hours;
  • ¥ 1,000 discount for ski & snowboard rental (+ ski wear) at Shirakaba Rentals;
  • Plus other advantages to be confirmed.

Check the original post (2019-20シーズンパス販売開始) in Japanese here.

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