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Nozawa Onsen Ski School

Need Nozawa Onsen ski school, ski lessons, ski guiding while you are in Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort? Please fill in the booking form below and we will get back to you with a confirmation a.s.a.p. No matter how young or old, new or experienced, we can help arrange a variety of packages to suit any needs. If you’re coming to Nozawa Onsen with the intention of learning how to ski, then you’ll find there are plenty of Nozawa ski schools willing to help you out.

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Nozawa Onsen ski school: Prices

nozawa onsen ski school prices

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Nozawa Onsen Snowshoe Tours

nozawa onsen snowshoe tours

Introducing Nozawa Onsen Snowshoe Tours. Have you ever wanted to move silently through the forests and snowfields in the stillness of winter? With snowshoe trekking, you will discover a completely new side of Nozawa’s rich natural world where you can learn about the history of the area, plus local flora and fauna. Snowshoeing in Nozawa opens up ordinarily inaccessible snowy slopes and forests. There are tours to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

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nozawa onsen snow shoe prices

Nozawa Onsen snowshoe tour: What to bring

nozawa onsen snow shoe prices

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Please note: If you are renting skis the rental shop might be busy on the day, so please arrive at least 60-90 minutes in advance. Sorry, but if you are late for the lessons, the lesson time will not be extended.

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More information on Nozawa Onsen ski schools

No matter what level you are currently skiing at the rustic and beautiful Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort will keep you happy all day. The ski schools at Nozawa Onsen can offer a variety of lessons and activities throughout the Nozawa Onsen ski season suited to the very young to the not so young, from absolute beginners to powder hungry snowboarders or would be downhillers. Nozawa Onsen ski schools are a good place to advance your skiing and snowboarding skills, gain useful advice and swap ideas with instructors and classmates.

Please note that some Nozawa Onsen Ski School lessons may be full depending on the number of instructors available and the number of pupils enrolled on that day.

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